Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Morning With Glass

My first morning with glass was not with out incident. I still had the charger cord connected to glass and took it out the power supply as I rushed out the door. Unfortunately I did not realize that I dropped the earpiece on my front steps which caused my glass experience today to be limited. However, when I arrived at the library I was met with many stares and some people begged me to try them on, but I did not yield. I did feel bad though as I want everyone to experience glass. I wish that I could purchase a few for the library as I have seen other Libraries across the country do. I helped one student find some background information on the harlem renaissance by utilizing glass. Glass searched the internet for: 'harlem renaissance,' and then displayed an array of results. I clicked on the first one, wikipedia, and then glass kindly read the article to me, while I stood there looking at the glass screen. The student was looking at me as if i were a MS Windows application that she was waiting to load. I guess I was accessing brain memory.... So far glass has been awesome!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Opening Google Glass

This is the live event of opening Google Glass!!!

Anticipating Glass

This blog will cover a librarian's quest with Google Glass. The possibilities for Glass in the library has really piqued my interests and I am very excited about sharing my experience with those interested in Libraries or anyone who wants to know. I plan to create a video of me opening glass for the first time in my next post. Be on the look out!!!! I will also host a Hangout on Air Event and broadcast it to YouTube and possibly some other sites. I plan to use Glass in the Library as a Reference tool as part of the concept of Peripatetic Librarianship, which is similar to iRoving; but expands on the concept to include a pedagogy that allows students to  interact with Librarians on their own terms and in whatever manner they choose. Basically, the Librarian will always be available and easily accessible.