Sunday, September 28, 2014


I'm growing more convinced that ebooks are more important things than we think. The amount of information in use and around us can't be properly used and accessed with traditional means. For instance, I'm writing this blog on a cell phone. I just started to use Swype as a super fast way to type. Without it. I'm sure I wouldn't type as many blog posts on my cellphone. But the technology allows me to get these posts out at rates previously not tenable. I'm sure now I will be a more frequent blogger. 

The print book, I am sure is not the best way to use information in the twenty first century. This, will be proven over the rest of this decade. With six more years left, the end of this decades will look radically different from 2014. However, the gap between the technocrats, and the,"others" is growing. Many don't want to join in on all the fun. They are scared, and rightly should be. I'm sure a historical overview of the vicissitudes throughout history will show a constant fear of change, especially a fear that resided amongst governments and those in power. However, the fear now is amongst the population. 

The changes in human brains are requiring that more complexity be added to everything from simple kid cartoons, to television shows. Music videos and videos games. And now books. Just like a tv show from the 1950's would be too dull for our twenty first century minds. So too are print books. Now augmented reality definitely changes things and throws a wrench into the demise of the print book. Being able to augment the pages and add a layer of reality to the print world is the only way that such a format could survive. But it will resemble the ebook in many ways. 

The ebook is the future. 

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