Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Morning With Glass

My first morning with glass was not with out incident. I still had the charger cord connected to glass and took it out the power supply as I rushed out the door. Unfortunately I did not realize that I dropped the earpiece on my front steps which caused my glass experience today to be limited. However, when I arrived at the library I was met with many stares and some people begged me to try them on, but I did not yield. I did feel bad though as I want everyone to experience glass. I wish that I could purchase a few for the library as I have seen other Libraries across the country do. I helped one student find some background information on the harlem renaissance by utilizing glass. Glass searched the internet for: 'harlem renaissance,' and then displayed an array of results. I clicked on the first one, wikipedia, and then glass kindly read the article to me, while I stood there looking at the glass screen. The student was looking at me as if i were a MS Windows application that she was waiting to load. I guess I was accessing brain memory.... So far glass has been awesome!!!

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