Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Day at JJC Library

My first day at JJC Library with Google Glass was an awesome experience! I have recently changed jobs so have not been posting. Upon walking into the building, right away the stares began. I was wondering what was bringing the extra attention on then I remembered that I had on glass. I discovered some thing about glass on my first day at JJC that I didn't know about initially. I realized that the battery isn't as bad as everyone says. As long as you are aren't shooting long videos non-stop or watching a movie, then the battery seems to hold up much better than expected. The use of Qr codes is a great way to use Glass in the Library. Many materials now come with Qr codes on them and this allows quick access to the information being link to through the code. This is great for reference interviews when information is quickly needed. However I have found that there needs to be some practice before engaging a patron with the use of glass. You don't want to be in a position where trying to figure out glass lengthen the Reference interview, in turn, irritating the patron, who may be in a rush or just don't want to play with your toy! Stay tuned for further updates!

21st Century Librarian?!!!!

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